[Release] Weapons Resource

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Thank you so much for replying

Im not gonna lie, i kinda know the basics but i think this is a bit out of my reach, do you have any suggestions on how i should try to tackle this? Also, are you working on a new version of this since this is no longer maintained?

what is the key bind to change bullet selections?

Does this mod require scripthook to be enabled?

The way I changed it for our server was on the server script, I took out the loop. For each of the server sided changes I added the triggerclientevent that would’ve been called every frame. So now, it should only call that client event when a change takes place on the server. I also made some changes on the client side that I think/hope improved it. Still running tests on it, but it’s looking good. Let me know if you need more details.

The problem I was running into was a reliable network event overflow. So I think there was just too much back and forth with this script. That said, I love inferno’s work and we use a lot of their stuff!

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No, all the changes are through natives.


What this guy said; thanks.

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Any way to remove the flashlight as I have another script doing that. And they overlap

How can I make ALL the weapons have the reticule? is that I do not like that the white point is not seen, I WANT IT PLEASE

How do you make Full Auto the default fire mode instead of semi auto

Remove the other resource, or delete the entire server file as well as these lines:

Remove these lines:

Change the number on the end of this line to 3: