[Release] WarMenu - Lua Menu Framework

No, because otherwise you will need to specify other options like scale, margins etc.

how do i use this menu and how do i bind all the keys?

How might i get this to open ?

how do i turn off the controlled support

It’s not a menu, it’s a menu framework which allows to create your own menu by writing Lua code.

Read this

Did you mean ‘controller support’?
You can’t and this is stupido - just disable your controller from PC or simply press buttons on keyboard instead.

well it’s the same button i drive with same button i shoot with so i cant’ do it…
every time i drive a vehivle it’s opens up everytime i shoot a weapon it’s opens up…
and using only keyboard for rp is as bad as this controlled support


This is not a menu, it’s a framework.
It means that someone used it to create an actual menu, bind it to wrong input group/key and release as a resource, which you are now using.
Ask resource creator to fix it.

i have tried 3 different menus for this framework every single on of them, has the same keybinding but in config from those menus the keys are different but in game it’s the same open up when i drive and shoot

So what?
I’m using my own framework and have no problems with controller support.
Again - your problem is not related to WarMenu, it’s about how your using resources are processing keys to open menus.

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Ask the authors of the resources whos menus you had problems with. Most are very happy to help if you ask. Just post in the release thread of the resource or write a DM.

Ahh alrighty im new to coding so i might try something simple like vMenu

Hello, first of all thank you very much for this great project. I have the following problem after I have closed the inventory once and then reopen it, it does not go from menu to menu but always presses twice that means it e.g. when pressing two times presses and in the submenu also presses directly. am i doing something wrong?

I just close with WarMenu.CloseMenu ()

It is posible to disable control actions to prevent that player moves or to prevent scoreboard or mobile phone to be activated while a menu is opened?

You should just use the FiveM default native for this.

Little question.
I saw people using warmenu on RedM, but is that modified version or the official version do perfectly work ?

I just wanted to know, how do you even align the menu when created, also how do you change the upper background? What are the methods for that?

someone here can help me to make slidebars for my menu?