[RELEASE][VRP] vRP Businesses

How to create the “create.biz” permission??

u dont need to create, it’s already created u just need to put in groups.lua

Dosen’t show in admin menu

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I finally made it work for normal vRP. You want the version?

Can you post it please @Mart475

Sorry I’m not sure if this works but here is a ESX version for everyone looking for ESX [RELEASE] [ESX] Business system

What shoul I type at the “Biz Type”?

yes pls

Can you send it to me please? Thank you


https://github.com/Ezague/vrp_biz here you go! :slight_smile:

already done bro can you share it?

Hello everyone. What do you know about the outsourcing option? Is outsourced call center small business comfortable? They say that working with a call center brings a minimum of headache, you don’t need to think “about everything at once”: is the communal apartment paid, why the employee didn’t come to work, does the air conditioner work, and what happened to the computer. You only need to think about how best to present your product: scripts and scripts of dialogue, branded chips, and phrases, etc.