[RELEASE][VRP] vRP Businesses

Wish someone teach me to convert to esx

ESX isn’t a bad mess, the framework itself is fine, it’s people releasing buggy scripts which is the problem, there are other scripts out there that aren’t as buggy, also ESX is amazing if you put in the work, not everything is drag and drop you know…I’m sure vRP has its problems too.


Will you be releasing an update for vRP2? :slight_smile:

add me on group admin “create.biz” don’t work help me

Does this still works for vRP based servers? - I tryed to install it, and gave myself the permission but i cant seem to find the create bizs

I can confirm its working on my Dunko VRP server… My option is located under Admin in the phone menu.

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do u have an y other things installed for this to work?

Just Dunko VRP was all I needed… I have a great deal of other scripts installed including vMenu, but none should affect this script.

Added script to server config… then under “groups.lua”, I added “create.biz” to the group “admin”, and made sure I was admin (I know I was superadmin, but set admin as well)… Restarted the server and I was good to go. Press K to open my phone, click Admin, scroll down until I see create business.

Are you getting any errors when starting your server?

It is easily possible to make this work for normal vRP :slight_smile:

How to create the “create.biz” permission??

u dont need to create, it’s already created u just need to put in groups.lua

Dosen’t show in admin menu

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I finally made it work for normal vRP. You want the version?

Can you post it please @Mart475

Sorry I’m not sure if this works but here is a ESX version for everyone looking for ESX [RELEASE] [ESX] Business system

What shoul I type at the “Biz Type”?

yes pls

Can you send it to me please? Thank you


https://github.com/Ezague/vrp_biz here you go! :slight_smile: