[Release] vRP Framework

hello ,me too because user list admin bug

I maybe found a part of the solution. But I need to test it this evening :
Answer :
"Please stop with that crappy “key” table… It’s getting beyond annoying now.

@maximilious if you want the user to press their pickup control (default to E) then use, IsControlJustPressed(1, 38).

If you want list of possible controls have a look at the wiki: https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Controls48 "

Hello all !
look pls error hardcap server full.
idea ? thank you !

If you made changes to the default cfg files don’t complain
Also provide more details, what have you changed?

thank for reponse!
not changed vrp just system hardcap for 32

Lower it to 12 see if that helps
Also, you are running the VRP.cmd right?

server fonctional just error serv full people error hardcap

Hey All, I Was Wonderin If Anyone Knew Why When I Join My Server With vRP On, It Kicks Me And Says:

[vRP] Identification Error

Any Fixes?

Yeah, I saw a script on here: [Release][vRP] vRP Names (show name and/or ID over head, configurable) not sure if anyone can get it to work.

ive tried loads of times and it still dont work

hello ! possible to desactivate the fake police ? just activate police real players ? think you

is there a way to add weapons cause everytime i add weapon ever gunshops dissapear from the map, i want to add a stun gun in the police gunstore

i have a problem the proble is that when i log on the server my Gf cant log on the server because we are from the same ip, and i have no idea how to fix this your discord would not help either. please answer its a ip problem and its only your framework, that makes the error

you need to go to ur data base and manually put in her information into the data base as a separate person from you. so its the same ip adress but 2 different steam ids so the server can see 2 people instead of 1

Please, can you or someone help me. I wanna do this:
When u leave game, car will be deleted only after 10 minutes.

Now it disappear immediately…but i would like to do some delay.

How can i do this?

Sry. for my english

Hello guys, can you help me? Everytime I am trying to login it says vRP Identification Error. I just installed vRP. What do I do?

make sure u have the latest FX server update and if it persists delet yourself out of your mysql data base and try to log back in

so i have to put in her ipv4 and steam64 in mysql databse?

that is correct. look how the other steam ids are in ur data base and go from there

should i only add the steam id, or also the ipv4?