[RELEASE] [VOIP] pma-voice | mumble-voip alternative

Hi, Nice job !

How can I add it to my server ? And how can I add the radio script ? I am a beginner in server creation :confused:

Thank’s !

Hey, is there a function or a callback for PMA Voice that am can pick up, for example to show in a hud whether the player is talking or not?

eh so the pma voice when i am in a building it muffles the people out side how do i turn that off?

please share export ? server and client share ?

Hi thanks for sharing, but when I close the radio the UI breaks, the mouse pointer does not disappear and the player can’t move

I am unable to help you there as this is only a fork from mumble to Pma Voice

When i talk with radio, the mis_click (Sound) does not play.