[RELEASE] [VOIP] pma-voice | mumble-voip alternative

That fixed it. Thanks man!

“Could not find dependency /onesync for resource pma-voice.” we have onesync legacy and this is in the live console any help?

Read the README

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is it possible to get something like this to see who is in the frequence? :slightly_smiling_face:

is it possible to get something like this to see who is in the frequence

I have everything working but there’s no radio SFX (The radio effect on voices) just clear audio like the person was standing next to me. Also how does one use the phone call feature? Thanks in advance

In v5.2.0 is the UI in the bottom right supposed to light up when you’re talking?
It does start successfully on my server, with no errors in the console, however the only indication to myself that I am talking is my character’s mouth moving. The UI does not light up as mentioned in posts above (though the posts above don’t note what version they’re using that it lights up).

I am using v5.2.0 per this v6.0.0 release message "This is a breaking version release and requires the use of server version 4834 or higher, if you’re not comfortable using a non recommended server version please use v5.2.0

Does it need one sync?

yup me too … dont know how fix it

how do i make it so people in the channel names are above the ui?
and also how to I give players access to private channels?

Go to tx admin then enable it there

This was already fixed in v6.2.2

ive just switched from mumble to pma, eveythings working apart from the radio volume its really low
ive put in my cfg - setr voice_defaultVolume “1.0”
but i saw in the readme that it wont change for players that have already connected? how can i reset it for them?

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yep and i try it… and still not on my side !

You can restart the script, it’s one of the only convars that can’t be changed during runtime.

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That doesn’t provide very much/any details, the current version is what we have in production and have no issues.

Update your server version.

ive got the volume sorted i use sm-radio it was an issue with that, but im having an issue where mic clicks volume is insanely different. click on is loud but click off is really quiet, if i lower the default volume then mic_click_on volume lowers with peoples voices. is there a way to have a set volume for mic clicks?

i will try this, i reverted back because i was getting another error. i shall see.