[RELEASE] [VOIP] pma-voice | mumble-voip alternative

Don’t really know the current issue, we use the same version of the resource on our server and it works fine, though I Want to eventually release a version with a UI but I cant make ui :laughing:

Am I only one with issue? PMA-Voice works fine, but RP-Radio doesnt work :confused:

Guessing I’m doing something wrong possibly, When I am using the RP-radio thats for pma-voice players can only hear others when close up, When at a distance you can’t hear each other.

If someone could advise what I am doing wrong that’d be great thankyou

in rp-radio client the firs lines radio.has = false change it to true

Am I able to move the radio UI to the right side?

Can radio channels be tied to ace perms?

rp-radio? Sadly not as far as I can tell, was something I wanted to do because its (pretty obviously) in a bad spot)

Not that I know of, you can add & remove access with exports though.

Any fix or configuration that can be used to make the voice chat work better inside custom interiors?
voice_useNativeAudio true
voice_useSendingRangeOnly true

And also, can voice_use2dAudio be used at the same time of voice_useNativeAudio to possible fix it removing the occlussion?

ive seen mumbles rp-radio ui on the right side so it may be possible

are exports ran through client or server scripts?

The sound is the same volume No matter distance?

by just switching to pma-voice export or?

does this radio have a radio-ui

Yeah, just switch it to pma exports

tried to just switch the export from [mumble-voip] to [pma-voice] but no luck and i cant really figure out why

Make it where when you guys make a radio ui make it to where it show the steam name and then the id right next to it.

How do you make radio louder

You can use /vol unless you have your own radio using set volume exports

hewy im using gcphone v3 how do i make this work with that??