[Release] vEngine v1.2 | Simple engine toggle on button press (F6)

works perfectly, love your work, big fan of your coding, is there any way to remove the button function, im just looking to have it … /engine?

i have figured it out, but thank you for your amazing script

Hi ive installed it on my fivem server but i couldnt make it work with F6 or another key

Edit: Its working now but cant find the number for keys like G to change the button, also took a look at the link you sent before (https://github.com/Konijima/WikiFive/wiki/Controls)


How did you manage this please?

I am also just looking at having the /engine command.

Can i change the button for off engine?

Does this script work like, that when ped enters the car the engine is off? And not automatically starts it…
Would be more realistic.

Hi, how can i make every car engine off when i enter the car?

Does this resource stop the plane engine from shutting down while slowing down?