[Release] Vehicle Key Chain

This script now uses the Asset Escrow System, meaning you can download it from your keymaster website!
There is currently no encryption being used!

New and big v2.0 update!

  • Complete code overhaul.
  • Encrypted core functionality that shouldn’t be changed anyways.
  • Added my version checker.
  • Added foreign keys to database table. (now fully compatible with VehicleRegistration by default)
  • Added several exports (see README on usage).
  • Added temporary key feature (see README on usage).
  • Added sound and light to locking function.
  • Fixed some vehicle names still displaying NULL. Will now take the model name or “Unknown” if model does not exist.


  • Fixed an error related to manually removing a temporary key.


  • Fixed remote control sound playing more than once if other players are closeby.

Is it aviable when you have a key for a car that you can take it out of garage too?

Sorry for the late reply, must have missed it somehow :smiley:

No. I cannot magically change your garage.
But the script has a lot of exports that can be used to create that inside your garage. But it is not trivial and basically all garages work different in that regard.

Update v3.0.0

  • Updated to new ContextMenu version 2.0. You need to completely remove the old ContextMenu and replace it with the new one.

Hotfix v3.0.1

  • Fixed a typo that prevented using the ContextMenu.

Hotfix v3.0.2

  • Fixed another error that prevented using the ContextMenu.

Hotfix v3.0.3

  • Fixed another error that only happened when trying to create a new key through the ContextMenu.

Hotfix v3.0.4

  • Fixed the “OpenInventory” export not working properly.

how can I use custom notification in the script?

he wo bekomm ich den die neuste version her ? hatte das am 29.08.2021 gekauft :open_mouth:


how can I use custom notification in the script?

client.lua line 304-308 is the ShowNotification function. Just change its contents to your function.

For more support please read the first paragraph in the readme.


he wo bekomm ich den die neuste version her ? hatte das am 29.08.2021 gekauft :open_mouth:

Auf dem keymaster. Wie alle meine Skripte seit Ende November bereits ^^
Im Forum solltest du dennoch Englisch nutzen, auch wenn ich deutsch kann :stuck_out_tongue:

And i always get an error from kimi_callbacks: ServerCallback VKC:isVehicleOrKeyOwner timed out after 5000ms and i need to restart the VehicleKeyChain

[script:VehicleKeyCha] SCRIPT ERROR: @VehicleKeyChains/server/server.lua:486: attempt to index a nil value (upvalue ‘ESX’)
[script:VehicleKeyCha] > ref (@VehicleKeyChains/server/server.lua:486)
[script:VehicleKeyCha] > handler (@kimi_callbacks/server/ServerCallback.lua:83)
[script:kimi_callback] SCRIPT ERROR: error object is not a string

Pretty easy fix: Start it after ESX.

Please refer to the readme for how support works for the future!

I get a Error when i buy a Vehicle (myVehicleShop - Job Shop)
[ERROR] ServerCallBack “VKC:isVehicleOrKeyOwner” does not exist!

got me a fix for that?

You need to start kimi_callbacks before VKC.

Also please refer to the readmes first paragraph for proper (and faster) support :slight_smile:

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Update v3.0.5

  • Fixed compatibility with newer ESX versions.
  • Fixed error when trying to get keys without using vehicle model.
  • Reformatted fxmanifest file.

Update v3.0.6

  • Fixed warning message for certain server versions.
  • Slightly reformatted client.lua.