[RELEASE] Vanilla & DLC vehicles [Diamond Casino, Cayo Perico, Los Santos Tuners DLC, The Contract]

Can you please send me a screensot of the error, will try and fix it!

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Ok awesome thank you, I will send it today

Sorry about the quality of photo

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Unsure what the error could be, are you using the latest version?

I figured out that it was missing commas, and things like that

Edit: So I had went to github, clicked download, I could’ve downloaded the wrong one by accident, could you tell me just for future notice and for others in case they ever make the mistake how to ensure when downloading from github that you got the latest.

Because I did see the repos but I was unsure how to download those.
Please and thanks for your time and help, always appreciated.

When you go on the github page, go to the green Code button then just click Download Zip - It will always download the latest avalable repo.

Or just click this!