[RELEASE] Vanilla & DLC vehicles [Diamond Casino, Cayo Perico, Los Santos Tuners DLC, The Contract]

The .SQL file contains 412+ vehicles & 12 categories. The prices are random, so you will have to edit them to fit your economy. All vehicles that have the ability to fly, shoot and/or jump have been removed.

Click me! - GitHub.
Direct Download.

Release 1.0 - First release, contains the Cayo Perico DLC & Casino DLC Vehicles (Gamebuild 2189)
Update 2.0 - Added the new Los Santos Tuners DLC (Gamebuild 2372)
Update 3.0 - Added the new The Contract DLC (Gamebuild 2545)

Note - In order for everything to work, you will need to put +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2545 in your start.bat file. Some natives might not work, as @Kaiizen mentioned before.


this is amazing thanks for doing all the work, quick question though, this is for the base game cars for fivem right, this does not include expansion stuff like casino cars and the like. Just wondering because I’m not using any of the extra expansion cars and don’t know what would happen to my dealership if there is a car in the database that would not spawn ingame without either changing the server build thing or grabbing the converted resources.


But yes, it does include the casino cars and the cayo perico onces… Forgot to mention that, you can fix that by putting ’ +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189’ in your start.bat file. It just loads all the DLC’s, so you can have the DLC cars (Cayo Perico & Diamond Casino)!

awesome ill set the game build and test it out thank you so much! thats cool i did not know that you could set it to 2189 and get all of the expansions thought it was either/or, thanks again!

I started working on this yesterday, i reached like 25% of all vehicles… You saved me so much time! Thank you!

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thats so weird, i deleted out my two tables to put in your version and got this error, good thing i made a back up, would have been nice to use your list, I’m dead in the water unless you have any ideas

here is line 146

function OpenShopMenu()
IsInShopMenu = true


local playerPed = PlayerPedId()

FreezeEntityPosition(playerPed, true)
SetEntityVisible(playerPed, false)
SetEntityCoords(playerPed, Config.Zones.ShopInside.Pos)

local vehiclesByCategory = {}
local elements           = {}
local firstVehicleData   = nil

for i=1, #Categories, 1 do          --line 146
	vehiclesByCategory[Categories[i].name] = {}

for i=1, #Vehicles, 1 do
	if IsModelInCdimage(GetHashKey(Vehicles[i].model)) then
		table.insert(vehiclesByCategory[Vehicles[i].category], Vehicles[i])
		print(('esx_vehicleshop: vehicle "%s" does not exist'):format(Vehicles[i].model))

No problem!

Did you chainge the table names server side?
It should have a line that goes something like this

function SQLVehiclesAndCategories()
	MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM `vehicle_categories`', {}, function(_categories)
		categories = _categories

		MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM `vehicles`', {}, function(_vehicles)
			vehicles = _vehicles

			GetVehiclesAndCategories(categories, vehicles)


What you do is you chainge the vehicle_categories, chainge it to vehicles_category and for the vehicles leave it the same, tell me if that works!


It’s usually something along those lines, it’s probably not reading the new categories and the vehicles table has motorcycles and cycles table…

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that worked going into the server side of the shop and changing vehicle_categories to vehicles_category

thank you so much, going beyond the call of duty!!

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Glad to help! Enjoy driving around in the cars! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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thank you it helps the server so much, it added all the new clothes too, I never had a chance to mess with the minitank either so that was one of the first things I did . You did my server a great service today. Thanks again. And good luck on your future projects

Hope your players like the cars and the clothes! And thank you!

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how do i spawn the vehicles in with vmenu

Oh unsure on that one, i think you need to enter the spawn code of the vehicle… image
The model column to be exact.

Would offer more help but never used vMenu before.

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what do you recommend to use to spawn in vehicles

and where do i put the sql file (fivem vanilla vehicles)

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I use ESX 1.1, it’s basically a framework for roleplay server… It has many useful functions and commands like /car [modelname]… To install the SQL file you need to have Heidi SQL and XAMPP and also a database for your server and a script named esx_vehicleshop.

If you are new to developing servers i would recomment following a couple of tutorials to get you started:

  1. Tutorial on FiveM Docs
  2. Tutorial on how to install an ESX Server by BGHDDevelopment

But i will install vMenu on my localhost and see what i can do from there and help you on spawning the vehicles.

ty man i appreciate that

Okay so, when you start vMenu with the M button, go to the Vehicle Related Options - then Vehicle Spawner and select the first one, the Spawn Vehicle By Model Name and click enter, a windows should pop up saying - Enter Vehicle Name, here you enter the second column of the database.

The one before the numbers (price).





Hope this helps!!!

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