[RELEASE] v2: Fix holes and customize the map

Comedy club interior is underneath it slightly, you’ll have to noclip slowly under it untill you find it and you need a teleporter to and from. Scrap yard? Not sure what you mean


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So theres a scrapyard and i’ve seen an interior thats a small factory room, like tiny and it’s here: Rogers Salvage & Scrap | GTA Wiki | Fandom

Also I have a hole where O’Neils ranch is?

The bobs pack has this in the base lua:
– Grapeseed’s farm: 2447.9, 4973.4, 47.7

but when I go there, it’s a hole.

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hmmm, try looking here

DUUUH I left a e off ensure on server.cfg hahaha!

But thought a MLO I purchased had replaced it.

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I’m getting an error where there is no floor collisions inside of the grapeseed farmhouse. I’m on the newest fxserver, and using gamebuild 2189. Please help.

Since on my server we are using 2189 game build, there is this problem at the Aircraft Carrier, when you try to go down one level, at the entrance you can se just 2D texture, when you go inside there is nothing (only collision but you can not see anything). Can somebody help with this problem?

When you will update to the dlc tuner? :slight_smile:

I had the same issue, where it just randomly started happening.

Found out that this MLO, was messing with it. So if you’re using it, or maybe a different one, you might look into that.

Yeah I fixed mine using bobs IPL and the fivem IPL (not at the same time!)

simeons looks like fucking dogshit! :slight_smile:

Hi, wanted to put a custom emblem to the club house but i am not sure what it mean by string ? is it base64 images or something else?

BikerGang.Emblem.Set(base64Icon, 90.0)

my prison don’t load in any suggestions ?

hi could some 1 expline to me pls how i cancel the default teleport from and out of the drug labs pls

Add the resources you’re using so people might know where the issue comes from.
Also again, check for a resource using the native DrawMarker since it certainly use a marker to indicate the teleport area :wink:

You choose between the values here: Bikers: Creating a gang · Bob74/bob74_ipl Wiki · GitHub

ie: BikerGang.Emblem.Logo.eagle

You cannot set your own image like this, they are presets from the game.

how can I remove the old pillbox? I have tried removing the line and ghosting it but everytime I go there I see the ruined pill box version and the pillbox I want

help me