[Release] v1.0 - PDTeleporter | Teleport to Any Station | Easy setup | Easy to use | Simple

[Release] V1.0 - PDTeleporter | Teleport to Any Station!

What does this resource do?

This resource allows you to quickly & efficiently teleport to stations across San Andreas.

How to use:

  • /pd [station]

List of stations:

  • sandy / blaine / bcso
  • paleto / paletobay
  • vespucci / westls
  • missionrow / lspd
  • rockford / rockfordhills
  • vinewood / vinewoodpd
  • lamesa / mesa / eastls
  • davis / grove
  • sasp / sahp

Annnd finally…

The download!

Note: Free to modify & no need for credits.


  • iceybeta (Ethan) - Creating the foundation.
  • David - General assistance

Nice gonna try add it to my server later

I’ve never really used github, is there a way I can contribute to add /station's for the fire department?

I’ll see about getting that in an update. Stay tuned.

Would you like me to PM you or something when I add that?

I mean, I am happy to contribute if you wish? But if ya want to do it, it’s all good :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’d like we can collaborate.

Add me on Discord: Ethan#5739

Sure thing, i’ll shoot you a FR

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you should add hospitals and fire departments.

Yeah, I’ve been collaborating with @DavidR to get fire departments put in.

I haven’t considered hospitals, but I don’t see why anyone would need to teleport to a hospital.

Sorry mate had driving lesson last night, I finish from college early today so I will defiantly send it over to you once I’m done. Sorry once again <3

It’s all good, don’t trip on it!

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Update V1.1? Or do I release this?

So, I hated how you were using AddEventHandler, so I took it upon myself to finish the job of making it all client sided, and I also made it with RegisterCommand.

I removed 1 unnecessary PD spawn. It was a data center which I found useless when I was exploring. In any case, after I remove the PD spawn, I then added the 7 fire stations which you shall see in the download.

I didn’t feel like creating a whole release for this, it just didn’t make much sense, no point in having multiple resources on the forums that do the same thing. This is just cleaner and a lot easier to use in my opinion, you guys can choose.


Police Departments:

  • /bcso - Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Office spawn
  • /paleto - Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office spawn
  • /lspd - Main Los Santos Police Department (Spawn: 1)
  • /vespucci - Los Santos Police Department (Spawn: 2)
  • /missionrow - Los Santos Police Department (Spawn: 3)
  • /rockford - Los Santos Police Department (Spawn: 4)
  • /vinewood - Los Santos Police Department (Spawn: 5)
  • /davis - Los Santos Police Department (Spawn: 6)

Fire Stations: Please note, these spawns are relevant to my community, they are completly customizable if you wish to change each station.

  • /station1 - Davis Fire Department spawn
  • /station2 - Sandy Shores Fire Department spawn
  • /station3 - Paleto Bay Fire Department spawn
  • /station4 - Rockford Hills Fire Station spawn
  • /station5 - Fort Zancudo Fire Station spawn
  • /station6 - Los Santos International Airport Fire Station spawn
  • /station7 - El Buro Heights Fire Station spawn


Made mostly by myself, I used @iceybeta’s spawn points for the Police departments.

You are completely allowed to edit this as long as you don’t steal it and claim it as your own, I don’t care what ya do with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Annnnnd here it is… Enjoy!
dr-teleport.zip (2.2 KB)

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You really should consider using tables instead of copy-pasting the same variables/functions over and over again.

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I will look into that. I didn’t even consider it, thank you.

Here’s a updated version of the above which:

  • Uses a table

  • Changes the command to /pdtp place (Just doing /pdtp will print a list of possible places)

  • Adds the teleports to my menu if installed.

dr-teleport.zip (2.4 KB)

If you want, you can make this a seperate release. Please just credit me for creating the project’s foundation. Thank you.

I love the simplicity. Maybe I’m retarded or something which is quite possible but I can only add 1 additional TP location. After that the module is no longer found. Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong.

when i press enter it doesnt teleporting me to location.Need to do anything else?

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same with me