[RELEASE] [UPDATED 19.12.2019] Stress System with logs by utku, esx_status

MEDIUM_EXPLOSION_SHAKE bu tarz efekt kodlaırnı nereden bulabilirim???


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Hello, How can I make stress rise over time?

can i use QB-HUD (ESX Compatible) to show the Stress?

yes just trigger the status

Hey nice man is there a event to get the speed from car to add stress?

Yes and this

Hey guys , ik this maybe off topic but do anyone have the slightest idea on how I can modify the esx_basicneed script so that I can choose the Prop of the food that I’m eating so that It doesn’t always look like I’m just eating a burger.

The picture up above is what I’m trying to change , I tried to follow other ways which I thought was the correct way & still didn’t receive the results I was looking for.

I have found the prop names for the props I want but I have no idea how to modify this script in the way that I can replace the prop_cs_burger_01 selection to another prop selection ( prop_choc_meto ) that would show me eating a different food instead of a burger. If anyone with any knowledge could help me out in any way , I’d would be very thankful .

I keep getting this error before selecting player in esx_multicharachter

[ script:stress_utk] SCRIPT ERROR: @stress_utk/server.lua:29: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘xPlayer’)

Greetings, do you know how you could make it so that the doctor can test the player to see how much stress he has?

Anyone running this with Ev-Hud ?

[ script:stress_utk] SCRIPT ERROR: @stress_utk/server.lua:29: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘xPlayer’)

same problem bro