[RELEASE] Unicorn Club Script 🔞 | kc-unicorn V1.1 [Free]

You can edit the coords yourself in the code ^^

I’m getting this as well.

Any solution?

How do i go about changing the spawn time for the pole dance peds. It seems like after like 2 or 3 come out they stop

Anyone know if there is controls to touch while getting lap dance??


I fixed the all same ped problem by replaceing all the model hex 1846523796 to (Config.Strippers[Stripper].Model) in the client\main.lua, hope it helps, don’t really know how to code so if it don’t work for you then sorry.
Also he is my copy of that .lua

main.lua (27.0 KB)

Is there a way we can change the peds or textures for the strippers walking to the pole?

There is a config in the config file named Config.Strippers, this let’s you change the peds, etc

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for anyone that is looking to run this script in esx replace this
– Import
if Config.Framework == “ESX” then
TriggerEvent(‘esx:getSharedObject’, function(obj) ESX = obj end)


– Import
if Config.Framework == “ESX” then
ESX = exports[‘es_extended’]:getSharedObject()

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Hi, I have an issue. The striper won’t strip on the Pole and I get this error too. =)

The two strippers don’t move, could it be from anticheat? wave shield

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