[Release] TruckerJob v0.3 [UPDATE 29th January]

I think the itention would be, that you either a friend, or a taxi to pick you up.

Else go put a line that sets your cordinates back to the truck HQ, which is ran after delivering the truck

SetEntityCoords(pP, X, Y, Z)

(Don’t know if this works, if anyone can confirm or not)

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yeah sorry i’m using essentialmode 3.+ with fs_freeroam, i’ll retest it now.

Just tested the script myself and noticed this aswell, however I quickly understood that it is intentional, you are not supposed to drive the truck back because you still have to spawn a new one with a new trailer. What is possible though, is that you can still use this truck to get back to the truck hq and script in a marker that despawns this vehicle, that way you can just buy a new load. Ill get into this tomorrow and see what I can code :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh alright, I haven’t had the opportunity to test with Essentialmode 3, because I myself got the knowledge with MySQL and not CouchDB, but that’s for another good time!

I don’t know if it will work with EsM3, in-case it doesn’t, I hope someone can help you out :smiley:

sorry i take it all back, it paid out and it went into my cash :kissing_heart: now to translate. thank you.

edit - so yes it does work with essential 3.+ :slight_smile:

It’s ok, no problem at all man :smiley:

Glad to hear it works!

could i not just copy your server.lua into the english version to save translating or would it not be as simple as that?


I can’t exactly remember the line that you need to change in the client.lua to make it update the money. But I can throw a english translated file in a minute :slight_smile:

something in that pastebin broke it as the marker isn’t on the map even when set to 67 and can’t activate when stood at location. will revert back and try to translate.

I see why, on line 130

nction init()

Should be:

function init()
  • Changed link in my other answer to the working one.

yeah that fixed it, after the 1st delivery, i got paid, i tp back to truck pick up for another job and it doesn’t spawn, it takes me through all the steps but no truck.

edit - some sort of cooldown?

also no error in console

Can’t seem to reproduce the error. Just had a bunch of people on my server to test and see, if there was any timer on it, and they were able to do it instantly after delivery. - Also with the version uploaded on pastebin.

i will upload the original and see if it does it with that one, thank you anyway for uploading a version that pays out.

No problem at all bud

no problems with getting jobs with the original i just can’t get more than 1 job with your version, hhmmm

Just so people are up to date with this. The original at the top is in english but doesn’t pay out, the one posted by Cameron works and pays out but is in danish and camerons version using the pastebin bugged out for me and i couldn’t get a job after the 1st one.

Thank great point I will try this

I can give you my revision it pays out goood lol

Please keep me posted I’d really appreciate it

Well to sort out my issue i put the original truckerjob.lui and camerons truckerjob.lui side by side and pasted the english over any danish. All seems fine, jobs are paying out and i can do one job straight after the next.