[Release] TruckerJob v0.3 [UPDATE 29th January]

we have a skin control mod already but I think what we want is a mod to change clothing or skins on a marker like a clothing store, which no one done yet.

Hello, can you help me pls ?

When i finish the mission trucks doest dissappear so the finish point have manyyyyyyyy of truckers ^^


No money? :frowning:

I am using essentialmode.

Could get this, and set it up together, to have a payment every minute, 30 minutes or so.
Just make sure to tell people, that they should go there and pick a job :slight_smile: (Just a fast solution, nothing fancy)

When will you release a version with DB ?

Someone provided some help to do this in this thread and it worked for me:

hello help me please for remove trailler in mission for truck without trailer ?
in truckerjob.lua

Hi all, i want to player can use this job and see the blips only if they have the trucker job ( i use job_system )
if any one have the solution to do that please tell me.

How do I remove the “armoured truck” blip? I’ve tried removing it, but it breaks everything. I have a named blip I want to use in its place.

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How do i change the armored truck blip name ?

Lol what armoured truck?

Blip 67 shows as armored truck. I have another blip named " trucker job" I’m using instead. However I can’t remove the armoured truck blip. When I do it breaks everything and press N+ to be a trucker don’t even show. Right now the blips are overlapping and I’m stuck with a useless blip named armoured truck.

function init()
BLIP.company = AddBlipForCoord(TruckingCompany[0][“x”], TruckingCompany[0][“y”], TruckingCompany[0][“z”])
SetBlipSprite(BLIP.company, 67) <--------- THIS
SetBlipDisplay(BLIP.company, 4)
SetBlipScale(BLIP.company, 0.8)
Citizen.Trace(“Truck Blip added.”)
– GUI.loaded = true

U tried one of these?

Yeah, blip IDs have a preset name attached to them. There is no way to change the name unless it’s scripted that way. I use a separate resource for my blips. I can make custom names for all blips there. I just want to remove blip 67 entirely. But it breaks the entire script. I even tried adding the nameable blip code from es_weaponshop, doesn’t work.

schneehaze : did you see my question on your github ?

Just in case i copy it here :slight_smile:

Truck do not disappears after finishing the job
Can you try to fix it please
also i tryed to add another compagny to get 2 point of start and it’s working but at the end, the money i get is double like for 5000$ mission, i get 10000
do you know what can i change to resolve it please ?
Thanks for your work

Try this after line 135 :slight_smile:

    AddTextComponentString('Trucker Jobs')
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I was wondering when i finish the truck delivery im not getting paid ? Can you help me please :smiley:

Hey any update on the pilot job and trucker job? <3 <3

Use this version

  • Just remember to translate the client.lua file, as mine is in Danish.

where do we pick trucks/trailers up from, its not showing