Anyone have any idea what this script is? It seems to be blocking the hud for me.


You can change it in the configuration file of LegacyFuel Script.

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let say my esx server and kashacter work… any way to reload this ui once it was already loaded into another char ? i fixed the skin when using /switch but need to reload this ui, somehow… in case someone did the same thing, pointing in the right direction would be cool…

im having the same trouble, if you /toggleui two times it works… I fixed it kind of by adding food, water etc, but now it starts closed and I have to toggleui one time

Anyone know where the wait timer is for when entering a car? I want it to be more instant rather than when the engine starts up

this doesnt work to well for all if you have a problem (hud not appearing) you need to change in the ui.html file display:none to display:block all of them

Como lo pudiste poner en español? Y a mi no me aparece la línea de energía y comida… y cuando inicio mi server no me aparece el hud tengo que ponerlo con /toggleui me podes ayudar???

Can someone help me I will not get ahead with this error if I want to eat or drink what comes

how you make the hud like that can you share it with me please and thanks

modify color, border and position items in html/main.css. Is too easy.

any solution so that the hud is behind the gcphone?

no voice input and change range D: solution?

Hi all

Any solution crossair on ? i would like original crossair. Thanks the helpful :smiley:


How do I apply it?

being honest with you im not really savvy on css i have fear of destroy it

If are still able to exit your car when seatbelt is on, add this after line 608 in client.lua:

if seatbeltIsOn then
	DisableControlAction(0, 75, true)  -- Disable exit vehicle when stop
	DisableControlAction(27, 75, true) -- Disable exit vehicle when Driving
    DisableControlAction(31, 75, true) -- Disable exit vehicle when Driving

could you help me with this?
I don’t get the food or water bars

im in the same spot

seatbelt not working :((