ESC button, settings, display, and change Expanded radar to Off

Hi,can someone help me how to put phone in front of hud?So I don’t get this…

ruben this is you? its luki here

how to add more stats like lung capacity??

Finally i finished mi UI


This is the original version with TokoVOIP support only and postal support.
You cannot use this if you don’t have TokoVOIP.

The postal script is a copy of [Release] Nearest Postal Script embeded into the UI.

Inspiration for TokoVOIP support was from Disc-HUD

You must have mythic_notify for the notifications to work!
You must have mythic_progbar for the seatbelt to work!

  • Adds TokoVOIP Support
  • Adds postal to the UI with the command
  • Adds mythic_progbar when using the seatbelt (might improve)
  • Removes UI on death



my edited version


can you share your css file?

How do I set “Shift + H” to switch to voice distance?

When the seatbelt is on i can jump out of the car when is driving anyway to disable this?

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How did you modify your app.js in order to make real time appear instead of game time?

How to disable indicator on ESC and right mouse pls? Where i can fught code? i chech full files and i did see it

do you still have the CSS for this edit?

could you share your UI, this looks great

That edit looks super cool.

How do I edit her health, my serve has 400 health as an edit?

I love this HUD thank you for creating it. One question, how can I put a cross street on the location display? My server really likes the feature but cross street and direction of travel would be nice for callouts

How to fix seat belt bug in this script…
If i on seatbelt also…am falling out of vehicle!

Is there a way to add fuel to planes and heli’s?

Gas is not working correctly with frfuel, it never fills up all the way also cant see your gas gauge when you turn the car off to get gas, so you have to guess when it is topped up, also the gun/date info overlaps with anything in the right corner. so i uninstalled for now