[Release] TrainSportation ~ Drive & Be a Passenger in a train!

Am I the only one having server wide problem where everytime I press “Numpad 8” or “F” There is a Red Line/laser coming out of my waist? and I know its from this Script… Because when I turn it off the line/laser gets removed


I pushed out an update that has the distance testing draw lines configured by Config.DebugDraw in config.lua.

It’s disabled by default now.

Do you think if I move the spawn circle inside the trains, that it will be more realistic than flly into the trains? And is there a smart way to brake ? Because I feel like i cant go to 0, without reverse :smiley:

is it possible to spawn and go through the city? also the tram in the city every time I push G doesn’t spawn. Any help would be much appreciated.

getting an error like this on fresh install without any config changes

You actually have to change the config. Had the same issue and fixed it by setting the “trainID” (should be 37) for the trolley one lower. (The script ask for a config that does not exist)

i got 2 questions,

  1. is it a drag and drop script or how do i install (i have a qbcore server)
  2. can it be restricted to 1 person so no one else can drive it?

Trying to see if anyone else has had a similar issue, but whenever a train gets around the lumber yard entering Paleto, the game crashes. Wanted to see if anyone had any idea what might be causing it, I haven’t had time to disable custom maps yet and try again