[Release] TokoVOIP: a TeamSpeak based voip system

So with the new artifacts above 4500+ an issue have started to occur.

Players are being moved in and out from in-game voice channel in team-speak.

Let me know if you want something logged etc.

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We got players that gets moved in and out of ingame to waitingroom. Fells like there is something on there end. But it started to happen to me as well. and we tried everything to fix it but it dosent. it takes les then 1 min somethings more. But at one point it keeps me out from even connecting at all and we keep getting the black screen. 1.5.6 is what we use now. We are trying to fix this but its impossible. Any advice?

I have the same problem, and i want players to connect at TEAMSPEAK first and fivem server after!! Anyone can help ?

i got this setup but players can here eachother on the other side of the map how do i fix this

Have you found any solution ?

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So, everything installed right but for some reason, it will not move our players into different TS channels. We even put the [■■■■■■■■] bracket to see if this was an issue.

Our only issue is getting it to move our players. Help please?

What should I do if I need to register a command to switch channels?

Hello, I am trying to install TokoVOIP except that I have a bug in one part. When I start ‘‘ws_server’’ I have all these yarn errors appearing.