Hello everyone !

Today i’m gonna share u this script, it’s simple to use and easy installation.

It allows you to obtain a Tire in item that can be used by everyone.

You can define in your database the maximum number of tires obtainable.

How to install :

  • Download the File : Tires.zip (2.7 KB)
  • Upload Tires.sql to your database
  • Start Tires
  • Enter command on the server : /giveitem (id) tires 1
  • Enjoy

Commands :
/giveitem (id) tires 1

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This script is not created by you

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Isn’t this eng_pneu

thanks for sharing

client_scripts {

server_scripts {

rofllll. You forgot to change the manifest there bud.

Thank u for sharing. if u did an edit, then credit the owner. Or keep leaks on other websites to avoid drama :wink:

Doesn’t seem to be entirely yours