[Release] Tim Horton's Restaurant Uniform Pack -- By JulyGee

Tim Horton’s uniform pack made by myself for the community! This pack was made to go with Don’s Tim Horton’s MLO for FiveM (Free). https://dons.tebex.io/package/4330619 and Kmack’s QBCore Tim Horton’s Job (Free)! [Paid][Release][QBCore] Tim Hortons job! (Timmies)

– Features

  • Tim Horton’s Employee Polo Shirt (Male & Female)
  • Tim Horton’s Employee Polo Shirt Hat (Male & Female)

– Installation

Just Drag and Drop In Your EUP Stream

All textures and patches were made by me. I don’t own any rights to the Tim Horton’s and Champion logos used in this project.

Tim Horton’s Uniform Pack (FiveM) – By JulyGee.rar (668.0 KB)


Download Here


Thanks for making these awesome uniforms! :slight_smile:

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You are a god dude.

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what are the numbers for the outfits

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Which EUP Version does this require? Put it in my server and textures all broken lol

Only thing that doesnt seem to work is the hat, and looking at the textures for other hats on that same slot, they are very different so probably a different EUP Version than what i use

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ended up just making my own hat texture
Looking good!

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that’s the best way, but I made it on 9.2. 8.2 should have the files for it though.

Looking Good

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thanks dude!

u found out ?

Wow. Well I bet Canada Roleplay is going to love this. Awesome to see more Canadian so we don’t need to create them all ourselves! Keep up the awesome work!

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would love a nice tims mlo to go with this tho ?