[Release] [Textures] Marion County Sheriff Texture Kit


Hello everyone,

This release is apart of many releases coming from OCRP.
This is our Marion County inspired textures seen on our servers.
This is being provided “as-is” meaning I will not update it.

This is a texture “kit” what this means is you must assemble them on your own vehicles. No I will not do it for you. No I will not tell you how to do it. There are many videos out there on how to make skins for GTA V. Simply this is all the resources you will need to get these skins on your own vehicles.


What is included:
  • Everything included to make your own textures
  • Photoshop document kit cut up and ready to go
  • The base “swoosh” in Adobe Illustrator format
  • Extra images
  • Plates PSD ready for you to make your own plates



Based off of Marion County Florida:


You May:

  • Make vehicle textures with the kit
  • Use on a FiveM community (as long as it does not breach FiveM TOS)
  • Create videos using the textures

You May NOT:

  • Release textures using elements in this kit
  • Release vehicles using this kit for textures
  • Re-Destribute this texture kit
  • Sell or otherwise monitize textures except for YouTube/Twitch

You can message JnKTechstuff for permsission to release texture/models with the kit used and it will be given is a per user basis


Too large to upload direct


What do with psd?
How I RP?

That’s awesome! Keep it up.


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Where I put SQL?
20 Charactures

In the database of your server?

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Help I am being bullied

Is there any way to give us the blank models? Also Thank you for starting to keep your promose to the community finally.

No they are on LSPDFR

How would I make a spawncode for it so it can be addon?

its a texture kit not a car. If you want to find that out you can in #development:tutorials

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Am i the only one who thought the pic of the taurus was an ultra realistic graphics mod lol

I love how OCRP is not keep all there stuff to them selves. :clap:

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Picture is by one of our members, as you can see he has an epic setup with an ultrawide lol

Yeah and this will be prolly the last release under my name. The rest will be released under an official OCRP user.

I am thinking a megathread of all our shit

I was referring to the pic of the real taurus lol

oh well I don’t get alot of sleep lately