[Release] Telegrams

This is a simple resource for sending and receiving Telegrams in RedM.




  • Extract telegrams into your resources folder
  • Import telegrams.sql into your database
  • Start the telegrams resource in your server.cfg

You can add new locations where telegrams can be by amending the locations table in the client.lua file.

Any issues, let me know.


Nice script, love the UI!

I do seem to be having some trouble with the NUI callbacks in the listener, any pointers?

Solved: The resource was called telegrams… oof.

Hey man, what is the name of the resource folder? It should be “telegram” otherwise the callbacks won’t work correctly.


Good release man

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this is awesome does anyone have any idea how I would go about adding blips to it

Yo, those this telegram allow to send to other players aswell?

where I use all the telegrams they all see, it’s like a bulletin board

yo le agrego los blips con redm_blips

Yes, when I first created this it was my understanding that was how telegrams worked. Telegrams were received at a post office and then delivered by a messenger, with no real encryption.

I have since thought about making it so telegrams can be sent to specific people and are delivered by an NPC on horseback but I keep putting it on the back burner. Will update if this changes.

Pushed an update to this resource. Telegrams are now sent privately to the specified player and the player is notified of the telegram if they’re online. Also added a delete button.

The update is fantastic, I wonder if you could do the version for VORP framework

Nice bro!! If you can modify for VORP its the better!!!

@Halcon_BM, @renzobu I’ve added support for VORP, although I was unable to test as I don’t have VORP setup right now. Should just be a case of setting redemrp equal to false on the first line of the server.lua. Let me know if you encounter any issues though :slight_smile:

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HI i Have VORP Setup.
When players try to delete telegram. An error pop in the server Console.
Server.lua line 50 and 80

Thanks for letting me know.

Can you please double check you have set redemrp to false in the server.lua file. If configured to use VORP, the resource shouldn’t really need to touch lines 50 and 80. Could you possibly share a screenshot of the error? Cheers.

Hi I have this line in server.lua

local redemrp = false

Here is the server console error when me or players try to delete:

SCRIPT ERROR: @telegram/server.lua:117: attempt to compare number with table

ref (@telegram/server.lua:117)

Here is the server console error when i send message or players send message:

SCRIPT ERROR: @telegram/server.lua:80: attempt to compare number with table

ref (@telegram/server.lua:80)


Thanks! I may have misunderstood how ghmattimysql differs to mysql-async. Hopefully that fixes it for now. Anymore issues and I’ll bite the bullet and just download VORP :sweat_smile:

Hi .

I still have the same issue same error in the server console.
The only thing i didnt replace is the Database. do i need to make a fresh install or just replace the file ?

If you are going from version 1.1 to 1.2, yes, but for that hotfix, no, you shouldn’t need to do anything with the database.

Im on 1.2 with vorp option.