[Release] Tattoos Shop and Degrade Hair [PAID][ESX][STANDALONE]

For those who used esx_tattooshop it is necessary to delete the table (DB)tattoos’, this script uses the same name, just delete the table, the script will create another one again, otherwise, you will have problems.

Hi we are using your script but the tatoo when you left and re-join disappear and reappear only when you die, why? We have deleted the tatoo column and set the 2189 version.


I sent you a message in private

how can i close the shop ui, and it is possible to make a notification like “press E to open the tattoo shop”

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Yes, it is possible to add the notification.
To close an interface, just leave the store, just walk away from the blip.

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can u help me with this notification?

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Yes, I will send a message in private.

i have the same problem

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Update 1.0 applied !!!

Those who have already purchased can download directly from the download link (Build 1.0)

Thanks for the feedback.

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what version of ESX is good for this mod?

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All the tests I did, it was on PlumeESX by tabarra and so much in this version and I believe that in any one, the mod works normally.

Purchased this script from you a few weeks ago now, it’s incredibly well made, good work!

This script is a tattoo shop containing basically all the tattoos in the game, if I’m not forgetting any right :slight_smile:

Sense I’ve been editing and adjusting the script, I did notice a few DLC pack tattoos missing, Christmas 2017 and 2018 which all together is about 30 more, as far as I can tell, with those you’ll have everything in by default!

As for a general bug I’ve come across, when scrolling up through the options, once you get to the Remove all option, when you scroll up again, it doesn’t display properly, hitting up again, brings the cursor to the second from the bottom. Managed to fix it with the help of someone who knows JS, just a minor thing that bugged me.

Keep up the amazing work!

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Thanks :heart:

I hadn’t seen these DLC’s :sweat_smile:
Soon I’ll do an update to add them.

About the JS bug, I must have missed a number, a condition, something and I missed it, I hadn’t even seen it, thanks for letting me know. :laughing:

How exactly do u get this mod to work? ive dragged and dropped it into server resources then everything comes up but no tattoos or anything show on the players body, we dont have a tattoo DB table, do we need to install this SRC Vuejs file with it as well? im a lil lost…

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You go to the build folder (build 1.0 the latest), if you use ESX, then you open an ESX folder and copy the mx_tattoos folder and paste it into your server resources folder and start it on your server.cfg (start mx_tattoos).

Note that for it to work it is necessary to have DB (mysql_async) installed.
And start the server …

The src vuejs folder is only used to edit the project, that is, if you want to change the designer, some function in the NUI.

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Hi is there any guide I can use to get custom tattoo’s to work with this script

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I believe so, I never took the test, but if you create a custom dlc, hashes and transmit everything correctly, it should work.

I can’t recommend you a guide, because I never researched in depth about custom tattoos, but the guides have here on the forum can work.