[Release] Tattoos Shop and Degrade Hair [PAID][ESX][STANDALONE]



This script is a tattoo shop containing basically all the tattoos in the game, if I’m not forgetting any right :slight_smile:

In this store you also have a very interesting option, which is the gradient hair.

Obviously this option should not be in this store, but, as it is in the same system as tattoos, I put it as an EXTRA, you can choose whether to use it or not.

A very important warning, some tattoos like mpheist4, mpheist3 and mpvinewood are necessary to use FiveM’s Build 2189 (sv_enforceGameBuild 2189).

If you do not want to force this build, these tattoos are disabled by default and you will have to transmit these tattoos (Addon).

And in the script, it does not come with the files of these tattoos, that is, in the standard fivem build, these tattoos will not work.


  • You will receive 2 versions of this script: ESX and Standalone.

  • Easy to translate and configure

  • Graphic interface.

  • Press E on the blip to open the store.

  • Use the arrows on your keyboard, Up, Down, Left, Right to move the menu.

  • Use the ENTER key to confirm the purchase of the tattoo.

  • Use the DELETE key to remove a tattoo.

  • Free camera giving the player to view the tattoo the way they want.

  • The player’s clothes are automatically removed when they enter the menu, and when they leave, they are replaced again.

  • Shows the value of the tattoo in that category.

  • Shows how many tattoos you have in that category.

  • When you are seeing the tattoos, if you already have that tattoo, you are informed in the menu.

  • To close the store and confirm your purchase, simply exit the blip or press ESC.




Well, as I mentioned above, you can use or disable this option in configurate.lua, just comment on the ‘tattoos_list’ the ‘Hair Degrade’.


Remove tattoos

Just go up or down the entire list, the tab will be changed and the remove button will appear, that’s all PRESS ENTER or DELETE and you’re done.


How to configure

  • In order for this script to work correctly, it is necessary to DISABLE any tattoo script you may have on your server.

  • Just put it in your resources folder, add it to your server.cfg (start mx_tattoos) and start the server

  • It is necessary to configure the clothes, that is, put the id of some invisible clothes so that the player can see the tattoos, this can be done in the ‘list_cloth’ in configurate.lua, just change the male_id and female_id

  • At configurate.lua, you can change the prices of tattoos, remove some category of tattoo, feel free.

  • In configurate.lua and tattoos_vectors.lua, you can add tattoos ADDONS, however, we do not provide any support for this.

  • In order for all tattoos already defined in configurate.lua, it is necessary to use BUILD (sv_enforceGameBuild 2189), otherwise, it is necessary to transmit the DLC.

  • In configurate.lua, you can activate or deactivate the removal of clothes, in case you already have a command that does this.

  • In configurate.lua, you can translate any text that the graphical interface has in any way you want.

  • In configurate.lua, you can change the scale, position, and adjust it as desired.

  • At configurate.lua, you can enable the option of FREE tattoos, that is, the player will not be charged.



  • Swapped the Spawnplayer event for the ESX own event


  • Increased the waiting time when retrieving information from the database when the spawn player

  • Added a notification when entering the store’s blip. You can change the text of this notification on configurate.lua image

  • Fixed a bug when buying a tattoo, if the player had no money, he could buy the tattoo, now no more

Attention: To those who had support with me and had to make changes, mainly because of the ESX event (“esx: getSharedObject”), be careful when using this new version, you will have to redo the changes again

Those who have already purchased can download directly from the download link (Build 1.0)

Thanks for the feedback.


this script automatically creates the table in the database.

  • mysql-async

This script has no IP protection or encryption.

Buy and download here: https://mxlol-shop.tebex.io/package/4422775

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hi i think the price may be a little too high? maybe like 85 brl for it


Nice script, just ordered it and test it. For me the ENTER Button doesnt work… You have a solution for it

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I’ll be checking what happened and soon I’ll post a fix.

Fixed keymapping ENTER e ESC button it didn’t work, now it should work normally.

Those who have already purchased can download directly from the download link

Thanks for the feedback. :heart:

I know this may be a stupid question, but would it be a possibility to perhaps either have just the hair undercuts, with a current tattoo script? Or is that too much? Because I like the tattoo script I run now, but I’ve been desperate to find hair overlay script and this is the first I’ve seen

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I believe so, with some adjustments, it is possible.
Just remove all the tattoos and leave only the hair, remove the icons from the map and put the shop in your barber shop. You will have two blips, yes, but you will have the bottom of the hair :smile:

Nice work and nice design. Good job man :grin:

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Can you please make a barbershop in the same style with the hair overlay added?

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Who knows a future release :thinking: :smile:

i put in the script, worked but then two tattoo scripts was over each other, then i turned off esx_tattooshops and then all went blurry like when something collides, changing back to before doesnt help?

How long does it take to get an answer to an error message in the email?

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In the topic was warned, it is necessary to disable any overlays scripts that you have on the server. Strange things can happen.

I’m sorry, things are very busy for me, which version of ESX do you use?

hi bro can you check you mail

But funny at first nothing was buggy, first when i stopped esx_tattooshops it started

I sent you a message there :smile:

Strange, I can’t say why, I did all the tests on PlumeESX without any other tattoo script :thinking:

When I buy the tattoo, it is displayed I started the script or restarted the server the tattoo is gone although it is stored in the DB xD

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I sent you a message in private.