[Release] Tackle System

Well the only reason why we used IsPedJumping(...) instead of IsPedWalking(...) is to make it like the original GTA V tackle system. The one you can use with the story characters.


Great script, working perfectly and spice up RP to another level :wink:

Am I able to reduce the damage the ped takes when tackle miss/success?

It doesn’t ragdoll players when I tackle them. Did FiveM patch this, or…?

anyone have a fix for this? would love this on our server

news??? new link!

There isn’t anything wrong with it?

when i tackle someone they just stand there but i rag doll

If you allow for client scripts ensure they don’t have no ragdoll enabled

i do not allow client scripts

that is something i dont want on my server is menus

any ideas how to fix this issue?

How do i make it so when u tackle someone you have to wait like 10 seconds to tackle again? i cant get it working.

NVM just got it working, had to add Wait(15000) after TriggerServerEvent(‘Tackle:Server:TacklePlayer’, GetPlayerServerId(Value), ForwardVector.x, ForwardVector.y, ForwardVector.z, GetPlayerName(PlayerId()))

this is vrp or esx?

I have it working in VRP but I can’t get it to tackle people, not sure if it was the same script but we had something like this in our old server that did rag-doll the other person but I can’t seem t get it to work.

local TackleKey = 51
local TackleTime = 1500

The videos are no longer available. Can you reupload those?

Does not seem to work with onesync?

Anyone know how to configure this to only work with esx_policejob?

Same issue, have you found a fix?