[RELEASE] - Subaru Hycade (Animated Car)

Preview: Streamable - Subaru Hycade - (Animated Car)

Github link - Download: https://github.com/NaorNC/Subaru-Hycade/
If you like it, leave a star on github. thanks!

# Another scripts

[QBCore] - HeadBag Script
[Release] - [Standalone] - NC-LoadingScreen (V1.0)
[RELEASE] [Free] QBCore Extremely Advanced Car Rental System

what is your Hud used in server?

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looks like ps-hud

default qb-hud

[ resources] Warning: Resource hycadesti does not support the current game (gta5).
[ resources] Warning: Resource hycadesti does not specify an fx_version in fxmanifest.lua.
[ citizen-server-impl] Couldn’t start resource hycadesti.

any ideas?

updated, should work for you

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That doesn’t look like the default qb-hud at all :rofl:

try download qb using tx recipies. and enable all indicator

Here my default qb-hud.

thank you! one of the best car mods ive seen

Nice Work! This thing is not slow! :laughing: Loving the animation!! :partying_face: