[Release] Stream Map Builder [OUTDATED] 1.03

No longer in service


Isn’t this a release?

Not really a release in mapbuilder is already out there but non that have put over to fivem so I have everything put in to import to fivem. So yes and no if that makes sence.

Can’t you use the file upload provided by the forums? I believe they don’t like mediafire links.

I believe this to be a release as you are just providing files for players to start on their servers there really is no tutorial about this other than the installation guide.

Cant use the file up loader because the file is to large so it does tell you to use a alternate site and post it.

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Awesome. I had to make sure that is all… I am gonna move this to keep the modding tutorials strictly tutorials.

Okay thank you. Was border line to me so thought I might as well post it in here. But thank you!

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Hey, instead of posting this here, lets post it on the official page instead. Thanks!

Sorry if this is obvious but I’ve never used the map builder. Is there a tutorial for using this application?

Map builder is specifically custom textures/props. There are tutorials on YouTube how to install map builder to your GTA 5 single player as well as map editor or menyoo so you can edit the map.

Actually, the alternate sites they mention are github and google drive.

what button do i press to open it?

This is not a menu. Map builder is a GTA 5 single player add-on prop/texture mod. This let’s you stream the props over to fivem. So if you build a map in single player you can stream that and all the objects will show on your server.

ah sorry im a little slow shouldve known lmao

Do note that if you decide to use this, it is streaming nearly 400MB of content. That’s a significant download for many users. Not saying do or do not use this, but it is heavy. :man_shrugging:

what exactly does this do

He went into quite a bit of detail.

ohh wow thats cool thank you for respond

you help me a lot buddy thank you so much for this one !

I put it in but how do I open the menu to use it?