[Release] Standalone Zombie System [Synchronized]

don’t waste your time with that zone stuff, if people want safezones then they can use places like carports or interiors, zombies won’t spawn inside of interiors (90% sure about that ) I do not think I have ever seen a npc spawn at the cargarage behind ammoniatio. On top of that once a group of people clean a area It should stay that way for a bit. Most people would not want to stay in one place for to long anyways. Anyways my 2cents. Keep up the great work!

For some reason the zombies only attack me (the host of the server) sometimes and only spawn around me and no one else. Any fix?

I put in the script and 3 zombies appear, I kill them and after that nothing happens nothing more. Is there a solution to this?

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anyone constantly crashing when using this script?

How I can change the numer of zombies wich apear?

Lower the ped density in the script from 1.0 to say 0.5 to halve the amount that spawn.

Can I ask, what is the pros and cons to this vs AddEventHandler(‘populationPedCreating’ since its a client side sync of sorts?

There is a way to spawn zombies manually? Like /zombiespawn [0-50]? And maybe delete them? /removeallzombies? Would be good to just create a number you want in specific zones.

Nope, and I have been using this quite a bit lately, what kind of crash?

look for these sections ( yours will have numbers 1.0 is allot, 0.3 is less spawns)
– Peds




        -- Vehicles




He did not alter the original script much, those features are not in it

how do i change the damage they do?

Would there be anyway to make this a shape such as a square for the safe zone and have it only affect certain height levels?

I don’t know if it’s just my problem but when I go out and back from my server the zombies no longer spawn

Works perfectly when I’m alone, but as soon as a friend connects and joins me. it crashes

Work perfect without issues. Resmon max 0.25ms
But i Have problem with spawn peds… Everyone ped what i spawn turn into zombie. Some advice how to spawn peds like guards for base?

yeah my players crash as well. any fix to it?

crashing on pool limit? just switch client on “beta”