PtWeaponFromCar is a fork of ELF_Weaponfromcar, which originally used 3dme.

I have added complete disgregard for 3dme, which is very useful.
For a /me replacement, I suggest RPCC by SenkaWolf.

Download here: Release 2.0 · finlayrough/PtWeaponFromCar · GitHub


Quick notes:
I will probably not update this, as I believe it is done. Do as you wish with the resource but do not expect a warranty or any help. This is my first proper FiveM release, and I hope it is helpful for you.


Thank you for the release

No problem! Happy to help you out


Thanks for release!

No problem! Hopefully will try updating this soon for versions above 1604, as the original script only supports one duffle bag in the character selector - I personally run 2372 on my server so I don’t use this script myself currently