[Release][Standalone] NeroHiro’s Context Menu - Dynamic Event Firing Menu

is there anyway to call database items like a shop? water for example ? i tried taking some code from esx_shops but had no luck, so when i spawn a ped i use my third eye to bring up the nh-context menu and it would have water listed and when i click water it adds it to inventory. anyone point me in the right direction ( trynna make a custom youtool shop ) thanks for this awesome script aswell !!!

example of what i mean, just need a trigger.

use the esx natives, first make a check for the money, after that you add the item if the player has the money amount

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checked the natives dont see the one that calls for the money or adds the item
il keep trying though

IS this support to call function ?

Can this be implemented into garage script? Instead of using the basic esx menu

wow, thank you for this release… just discovered the power and simplicity of implementation of it… bravo!

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Ever figure out a fix for this? I am having the same issue.