[RELEASE] [STANDALONE] GetNek Scoreboard 🎮

This doesn’t work right for me. It will show a few people, then just stop updating.


Same issue here any fixes for it?

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same there, stopped using this resource

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it’s not working for me IDK why

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If you could, make it show their usernames of who is in the server, and if they’re in the discord it will show as well. Great release though!

How do I change the header

How to open the board ?

you can send this scoreboard in esx plz ?
and you can say how this scoreboard work

Awesome :ok_hand:

i agree with @EduInmigrante release one without the use of discord. The design is nice but its pretty useless if it only shows players in the server that are in discord. We need to see all names in the server.

  1. Az misleh da ti dumpq server-a da go vzema pozdravi ot Milko<3

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Abe mojesh li da mi pishesh che imam edna molba blagodarq predvaritelno!!