[RELEASE] [Standalone] Fully Customizable Health + Armour Bar

This (I will call it hud) HUD is fully standalone requires nothing to work you simply download it and it works.

note this only works for native resolutions… im working on getting an updated one that supports every resolution


  • Pick any colour for the gradient on the health bar
  • Pick out of 3 positions to place the HUD
  • Pick out of 2 styles (more coming soon) for the entire HUD

Comes with a simple easy to use NUI menu to customize it.

Preview: preview
Github: GitHub - pachxl/customhud

I am going to rewrite this at some point and add way more styles for people to use.

The aim of this is to let players on servers to pick their preference on what they want their screen to look like.

Download Steps:

  • Download from Github
  • Unzip and place into resources folder
  • Make sure to ensure/start it in your server.cfg
  • Start your server and type /options to check out the customization !

nice commands you have in your resource preview video :sweat_smile:

Nice script, would love it if you could add in an option to change styles of minimap and position, maybe also an option to change car speedometer.
Love the fact you giving the players the options to setup their preferred hud.

Keep it up!!

ill look into seeing how the custom minimaps and stuff work right now i have no idea how they work


Could you change 1 thing in this current script which is easy for you I guess. If you change that I will download it and try it out.

Add 1 more location for the bars, which is the original location of the health bar / armour bar, which is at the bottom of the map. Because atm I can zoom my radar map with Z. So the health bar / armour bar will overlap my radar map otherwise.

new link pls

this is discontinued and the link is now private, V2 coming soon however