[Release] [Standalone] Advanced RolePlay Framework [Updated 9/1/19]

Advance RolePlay Framework
ARPF is going to be a long term project added onto and revised. Right now it will only support Civ commands and functions but will expand to other areas of RP like robberies and a fully working cop system. All the cop stuff are already made and working but they are currently in my server (BCDOJRP) and due to issues I can’t release that part yet. I, either way, I will be remaking all the cop things so they work well and sync with the civ functions. This is not a full “framework” but it is centered around the two commands /civ and /onduty. One is for civs and all their functions and the other is for cops and all their abilities.

Civ Pack

This Pack includes many essential things for civs to use while in RP servers. To start all civs should do /civ to gain access to use all the commands.

(This should work with all lock scripts)
(New animation to come soon)

This is a three stage process where the player will start an animation and start to lockpick the car. You need to be onduty as a civ and need to be facing the car. Stage 1 is 14 seconds long then start stage 2. In stage 2 the car alarm will go off ( when cop Pack comes out in addition to the alarm a notification will be sent to all onduty police with a marker on their map). Stage 2 is again 14 seconds long and will start stage 3. In stage 3 again the alarms of the car will be playing for everyone to hear. However stage 3 is only 6 seconds long and will send the client to the final part where the car will be set unlock and the drivers door will open and the alarms will stop. Then you just get in the car and drive away.


This command fixes the car that you are looking at. You need to be onduty and be near / facing the car. This takes 14 seconds and will repair and turn the car’s engine on after completion.


This command heals the player up and spawns a heal pack in your hand. This takes 7 seconds and after you finish the prop will despawn and the animation canceled. Your health will increase + 30 every time you do it.


This is a simple clean car command. Must be onduty as a civ and near / facing a car.


Get into the trunk of the closest vehicle.


Get out of the trunk you are in

EMS Part [9/1/19]
With this update, I added a /ems command that puts the user onduty as an EMS. I also added an export function that makes other scripts able to identify if the user is onduty either as civ or EMS or none.
if exports['ARPM']:checkdutystatus('emsduty') then (add code here) end
This is used in my new script

Mythic Notifications
Progress Bars 1.0 [STANDALONE]
Download v2.0

Make sure to leave a like and comment below what you think of the script and or any bugs/suggestions. Suggestions are greatly appreciated and help out a lot.



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ummmmm Sounds good m8

Just updated it with the download

very interesting

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Noah lol I know you see this everyday but its new for some people

Thanks many updates to come

Hands down this makes roleplay way better!!! Highly recommended to download or else you lose clout!!!:joy:

Would be nice if it tried to get from userInventory, etc with the medkit, repairkit or lockpicking.
Doing this myself, but an idea for later changelog.

I do have a inventory script that does not use a data base so maybe

Nice Release man. Looks good

Nice release man! I’ve heard BCDOJRP is and awesome server! I might go play on it sometime!

i have heard alot about that server

Screenshot maybe?

There is no need for them it all you will see is animations and progress bars lol

Is there ways to remove some of the stuff, like only wanting the /cleancar, /trunkgetin, and /trunkgetout? Without breaking the mod?

“can i get your script?”

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NVM I got it! Thank you :D! GREAT RESOURCE

No problem, thanks for your support. More to come next update will be criminal related and the final update will be the huge cop pack that is still in testing.