[Release][Standalone] 2-Step & ALS(Anti-lag System)

just letting everyone know if you run your server off zap hosting and update to 29.6.7 the 2 step script will not work properly, you cant add cars to config and if you remove a car from config it will still have 2 step, so if you want to work stay on 28.8.2

it broke long before that for me like 2 - 3 months ago

how would i make the 2step activate at a higher rpm?

for everyone

any luck with this ?

can someone please tell me how to get this on to my offline game i been looking for something like this since may this year.

hey. this driving me crazy. i want to make it not sync to other player. i have removed completely all server side related and other users still can hear. if u can help me i will be appreciated. here what i did so far
antilag.rar (1.7 KB)

how can i put this in my single player game???

I got it working somehow, I can add cars and remove cars from the list, even the addon cars. Everything is working. Very nice script!

OLD Demo’s
2-Step/launch control

well since people keep asking for it , here is my spaguetti code & tweaks i had done a while back .
keep in mind this is old code and there is probably better ways to do this, it works with ESX 1.XX but should be pretty easy to make standalone.

  • Commands toogle : [ /antilag, /2step, /launch ](events are there if you want to add it to your menu)
  • antilag : activates at deceleration
  • 2step : activates when “SHIFT” key is pressed while handbrake is “ON”
  • launch : activates when 2step is maintained for more than 2 seconds (gives you a nice grip boost)
  • ect… check out my original “answer” to this thread.
    :peace_symbol: enjoyantilag.rar (169.1 KB)

what the hell is the key “Note1?”

Is there any possible way to add this into GTA and not FiveM