[Release] SnailyCADv3 | Free NodeJS CAD/MDT

Very nice Work, i love ur CAD! Nice work - go forward for it! We all love ur System, LSPD and FIB have much fun with it :slight_smile:
Nice that u will add the feature for the live map :slight_smile:

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I have an issue with the login … when i register a user, the next form opens and all is fine, but when i log out and want to login a second time, i see the landing page just for a second or less and the login form opens again.
I have no errors in the console, so hard to find out why i get this problem.

I wanted to install the CAD again, got this error

should i downgrade npm to a lower version maybe?

All looks fine. Are you using a sub domain or https?

no, just using simple doman http://domain.de:3030 but with ip:3030 i get the same error.

i am also missing the navigation on the top :smiley:

wich browser is recommended for the system? i am using opera.

Hm, weird. I suggest using Firefox or Chrome

Version 2.0.9 has just been released :tada:

  • New: set a citizen as Dangerous
  • New: able to specify time for Jail time (use <amount> hours, <amount> minutes, <amount> seconds, <amount> milliseconds)
  • Minor: fixed a bug in RegisterWeaponModal
  • Minor: Updated dependencies
  • Minor: small code improvements
  • Minor: added missing translation keys

SnailyCAD GitHub
Full Changelog

Release 2.0.10 has just been released :tada:

  • New: set a custom weight & height prefix (cm, kg, pounds, feet, inches, …)
  • Major: improve accessibility and performance
  • Minor: load fonts locally, this should increase font loading performance
  • Minor: minor code changes

A guide on how to setup NGINX with phpmyadmin/xampp and SnailyCAD for Windows is coming very soon!

SnailyCAD GitHub
Full Changelog

For those who are having issues with browsers logging you out directly after logging in, do the following:

  1. Create an account at: https://dash.cloudflare.com/sign-up
  2. Go to your domain registrar and change the nameservers to the Cloudflare ones
  3. Make sure to set allowIframes: true, secureCookies: true in your config.
  4. Restart the CAD.
  5. All done

Full docs: Creating a Cloudflare account and adding a website – Cloudflare Help Center

Cloudflare has great docs on how to add your site to Cloudflare so refer to that :). Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Release 2.1.0 has just been released :tada:

  • New: see fine amount for CreateTicketModal
  • New: see fine amount/jail time in NameSearch
  • New: directly create an officer linked to citizen via CreateCitizen
  • New: set a custom assigned-to-call status (default: 10-97)
  • New: set a custom on-duty-code status. (default: 10-8)

SnailyCAD GitHub
Full Changelog

Release 2.1.1 has just been released :tada:

  • New: GSR option for LEO incidents
  • New: add Employee of the month option for Manage employees
  • New: specify custom port in config file
  • New: Add Employees list to company page
  • Minor: improvements to name search layout
  • Minor: refactor SQL queries to use @casper124578/mysql.ts

SnailyCAD GitHub
Full Changelog

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I am aware of a bug in the name search. I’m currently not home. I’m home in 4h to push a fix. Sorry for any troubles!

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Release 2.1.2 has just been released :tada:

  • New: add gang affiliation option for CreateOfficerIncident modal
  • Major: fixed error when using name search
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Hey @casper124578,

which version of nodeJs and npm are you running?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Node 16 (latest)
Npm 7.11

For the CAD its required node v14 or higher

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Thank u, i was running 14.2 or sth like that. With Node 16 i dont have the error like reportet in some posts earlier [Release] SnailyCADv3 | Free NodeJS CAD/MDT - #338 by vanpatmobi

Thanks for the support :slight_smile: Nice work, sexy CAD! Keep going :star_struck:

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