[Release] SnailyCADv2 | Free NodeJS CAD/MDT

Hello everyone! SnailyCAD is now SnailyCADv2, more secure, faster and better! Now has a bunch of new features!

Find out more: https://github.com/Dev-CasperTheGhost/snaily-cadv2


username: demo
password: demo


view screenshots here

Video 1
Video 2


  1. Run git clone https://github.com/Dev-CasperTheGhost/snaily-cadv2
  2. Run cd snaily-cadv2
  3. Modify config.js where needed
  4. Go to client/src/config/ and modify config.js where needed
  5. Run npm install to install the first part of the dependencies
  6. Run cd server && npm install to install the second part of the dependencies
  7. Run cd ../ to go back
  8. Run cd client && npm install to install the last dependencies (Might take a little bit)
  9. Run npm run build To create a build folder
  10. Run yarn global add serve to add the serve command
  11. Make a copy of config-template.js and rename the copy to config.js
  12. Create a new database, name it snaily-cad
  13. Import snaily-cad.sql into that database, Download xampp Here
  14. Run npm start in the root folder (./snaily-cadv2)
  15. CAD should be running on http://localhost/

Found bugs?

Open an issue here and I’ll fix it asap

Main Features

  • Administration Dashboard

  • Citizen Dashboard

  • EMS/FD Dashboard

  • LEO Dashboard

  • Dispatch Dashboard

  • Tow Dashboard

  • Trucking logs

  • Bleeter

  • Synced across all client

  • Realtime dispatch, ems-fd, LEO updates

  • Administration

    • Manage user permissions
    • Manage all companies
    • Manage all citizens
    • Ban users
    • Audit Logs
    • CAD Settings
    • Assign your own values for departments, ethnicities, genders and more
  • Citizen

    • Create medical records
    • upload a picture of your citizen
    • Register vehicles and weapons
    • Call emergency services and tow truckers from the citizen dashboard
    • Drivers, pilot, firearms license and CCW
    • Report vehicles as stolen
    • Transfer a vehicle to a new owner
    • Companies
      • Company Blog posts
      • Create posts
      • Manage Employees
      • Join a company
      • Start your own company
  • EMS/FD

    • Create EMS/FD Deputies
    • Search medical records
    • See active 911 calls
  • LEO

    • Create unlimited officers per account
    • Name Search
    • Plate Search
    • Weapon Search
    • Create Written warnings
    • Create Tickets
    • Create Arrest reports
    • Create bolos
    • Penal Codes
    • 10-codes
    • Manage Status (10-8, 10-7, 10-6, 10-5, …)
    • Create Warrants
    • See active 911 calls
    • See active bolos
  • Dispatch

    • Name Search
    • Plate Search
    • Weapon Search
    • Address Search
    • Update officers status
    • Update emergency calls
    • Update AOP
    • See Active officers and EMS/FD deputies
    • See active 911 calls
    • See active bolos
  • Tow

    • See all active tow calls
    • in game call tow truckers command
  • Trucking logs

    • See all truck logs you’ve made
    • Create unlimited truck logs
    • Delete a truck log
  • Bleeter

    • Upload screenshots
    • Create Bleets
    • Edit Bleets
    • Pin Bleets (Coming soon)

Does this have any FiveM intergration at all?

Yes, it has Tow Call integration, 911 call coming soon too

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i don’t know if i am dumb but i get this?

i have isntalled it correctly

any idea?

try to move the directory to another folder such as your documents/desktop, I think XAMPP apache is interfering with it, you can also change the port in the config.json.
If it still doesn’t work try to stop the XAMPP apache server, you don’t need it unless you fiscally need to change something in the databse.

Hope it helps!

you’re a legend it works now!

only issue i have with this is that the licenses need to be given through the database, can you please make it so the person that made the character can self assign licenses?

If I understand correctly: The person that made the character should be able to assign it themself, if you press more to go to a character detail page there should be a button “Edit Licenses”. You should be able to change it there.

Let me know if you mean, the person is able to self assign a value that’s not in the database, That I can sure do!

Nevermind i seen on the admin section “Edit values” where i needed to add genders licenses etc thank you tho :slight_smile:

Alright, and no problem!

Does this work on an online hosted FiveM server or only localhost servers? If it does work in online hosted servers, how is that done?

And this might seem like a stupid question, but how do you access it in game? What do I need to press/type?

Hey there!

yes you are able to host this on a server and custom domain name, just make sure you setup the DNS and ports right. There’s no script to see the CAD ingame, there’s plugins to call a tow truck and emergency services that connect to the CAD. You can always use steam overlay :slight_smile: too.

New Release: 3.5.1

Added Bleeter!
Added icons to navigation bar, police and dispatch dashboard!

See full changelog: https://github.com/Dev-CasperTheGhost/snaily-cad/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#351

Thanks again and enjoy!

Loving this cad brother :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

Sorry to seem like I’m not very smart but I’m totally new to this stuff. If I am to understand this correctly this c.a.d. system is run on my desktop and connects to a server and the user of the system can create add and edit information that then applies to NPC within the game is thid correct?

If that is correct could we have a more detailed explanation on how to connect this to a server please?

I did follow all of the instructions and it appeared to install correctly however when I started the cad nothing happened. He did mention previously the need to ensure that the DNS is correct how is DNS applied to an online server?

Does this system need to be hosted on an online web page?

If this system does what I think it does I really need to get this setup for my server.

This is a web based CAD so it doesn’t connect to anything in game, the only thing where it connects to is the call commands which you can download in the admin/cad-settings tab.

hope this helps.

is this able to be used with a webhost? since i see that you can only run it using the “npm start” and if you don’t it just shows you the file directory

You aren’t able to run it with a webhost, you’ll need to run it using npm start. if you like to run the CAD on a VPS you can simply run it with npm start and should work.

Hey I am new to websites and such. I have the everything installed and I can not for the life of me figure out how to connect to the website to see it. I do not know if it would be localhost of C:/snaily-cad. If someone could help me out some with it I would apprentice it a lot. Thank You