[Release] Smooth Crouch Script (v0.93a) (UPDATED: 28.04.2021)

After being crouched or getting out of it sometimes your character gets locked into the stealth stance and have to like in crouch in and out or go into first person and out to fix yourself so like the walking style will be forced to be the stealth stance like the default GTA one

how to fix this problem sir… i already click button crouch … back to normal

Hey, sorry for the late response. A lot of issues arise from other scripts implementing walking styles and other animations. Compatibility must be assured by the server host as of now.

yo i need a script plz or how do i change it so when i shoot and run my character dosent go hunch back or stealth mode

nice script, well done!

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Is it possible to disable the recital?

Hii have a question, after i downloaded this script, my aim stopped working. How do i fix this. I use an esx based build.