[Release] Smart car system

how do i add more car models? I am noob lol
– Models –
= {“models”, “ADDER”, “PANTO”},

= {“models”, “ADDER”},
= {“models”, “PANTO”},
= {“models”, “BRIOSO”},

= {“models”, “ADDER”, “PANTO”, “BRIOSO”},

My vehicle.meta look like this:

gameName>Tesla ModelS</gameName -------This is for my garage to read this name not model
vehicleMakeName models vehicleMakeName>

and the script can’t recognize “models” and its not working…any ideas?

I put it in the two ways above that I mentioned, but it won’t.

doesn’t detect other vehicles?

Nagyon gratulálok! Eszméletlen király amit készítettél.

Köszönöm! Sokat jelent! :grin: :cowboy_hat_face:

How can i whitelist the Autodrive feature to certain cars? I do not mean the complete smart car system, just the auto pilot feature. I cant get it to work.

Hi @Peter_Bunschoten1
You can add the model name to the config file and enable the autodrive to any vehicle which are in the list. But! If you want to add e.g: BMW to the autodrive but any other vehicle to the more feature then you need to add a few lines of code into the client.lua. I hope i could help you! :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah thats the problem, iknow i have to change the client.lua but i have tried my best but i cant get it to work.

For some people out there that are wondering, you can easily enable it that once Sport Mode is enabled, that ALL diffrent functions are disabled, currently in the script it only disables the crash avoidance when in Sport Mode, and lit 2 seconds of work makes it that if you are in sport mode, that all other functions are disabled/closed when in them

So for example, when you are in normal mode, and are currently in self driving function and you enable Sport Mode, it would disable the current destination and stop the vehicle from being in self driving and go back to manual driving

Same goes for the rear camera!

Now this is just to note that most people already know/did this but some havn’t and I truely believe that this is a great thing to add in your part of the code!

And also, a bump for the forum lol