[Release] slrp_ban Simple effective ban system

SLRP Ban Script

The SLRP Ban Script is a simple yet effective ban system for ESX Legacy 1.9.4. With this script, server administrators can easily manage player bans with a variety of commands and features.


  • Only players with admin permissions can use ban commands (esx xplayer server side)
  • /ban (ID) - (duration (if nothing is written, it is forever, if written then the numbers represent weeks)) - (reason (this is not necessary if nothing is written here then it will be banned with the reason "Rule Violation" if it writes then with what was written in that args section)) - This command bans the specified player from the server
  • /unban (banid) - This command unbans the specified player based on their Steam name
  • All bans are saved to a JSON file using the SaveResourceFile/LoadResourceFile natives
  • Each ban generates a unique ban ID consisting of a complex combination of letters
  • The script saves which admin banned the player (based on their Steam name) and the date and time of the ban
  • /bans command lists all players who are banned and when they were banned by which admin
  • The script can be easily configured in the config.lua file

This script includes client.lua, server.lua, config.lua, and fxmanifest.lua files. We hope this script will be a valuable addition to your server!


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 330
Requirements ESX 1.2 / Legacy
Support Yes