[Release] Simple Vehicle Fix in garage


I made a simple vehicle fix when you pass through a garage with your vehicle. I make it for a mod I working on. You can use it like you want :wink:

Download: GitHub - nynjardin/Garage-GTA5: Garage repair car automatically

Video preview (from an old version, because I can’t record anything right now, I don’t know why):


Pass through a garage? thanks for share

hmmm got a short video with preview ?

Only problem i can see is it interfears with the fuel frfuel script

I don’t use it, so, I can’t verify… but I think it’s because the coords are the same? or a global variable with the same name that I can change it to solve this?

It works fine with the latest frfuel version my bad

thanks mate for your contribution! This will come in handy.

Great! Good news!

Glad you like It

I just added the video :wink:

Has you can see, there are a speedo I working on, this video was made few week ago and the script is mode optimized today!


Fix blip spam

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yo nice work and if you want i release the carwash made by your script
and guys if you want new location for the fix garage here


vehicleRepairStation = {
	{536.1182,  -178.5338,  53.08846},
	{2006.354,  3798.739,  30.83191},
	{128.6394,  6620.741,  30.43497},
	{1150.1766,  -774.4962,  57.1689}


@Antoine There is new garage place that wasn’t in my script?

those location is more for rp server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Adding alternate location provided by Antoine. Juste comment the olds one and uncomment the new ones to use them

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hello nice script , can you not make so it will cost money if you repair the car plz <3

nynjardin doesn’t work on scripts anymore. To remove money cost find the lines that are charging and – them. Edit: looking thru the script there is nothing that charges money. There isn’t a universal money system, so you’ll have to code that yourself.

I need help fast.
when i get my car into garage is write on scren you save your car and go to other circle is write wehicle inpound and i go to inpound car isnt thar. How can i fix that pliss i need help

Hello, great release, thank you for sharing!

Can anyone tell me how I might possibly reduce the size of the repair zones, they are rather large and protrude out into the street, I’d like to resize them so you have to actually turn in to the garage for the repair…

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

As soon as I asked, I had the thought to look up the DrawMarker function in the wiki, figured it out, thanks!