[RELEASE] Simple Teleporting v2.5 | Multiple Teleports | NEW Color Customization Options!

Hey, can anyone help me figure out what’s wrong with my client script? I had two teleports going under the map and after I tried to fix them it stopped working claiming there was an error on line 3 where it was expecting to end. I’m a noob at coding, but I can’t see anything wrong with it. client.lua (7.4 KB)

nothing works from the teleporters, idk why

how to tp to coords

Is this ESX?

Hey, does someone know or can someone add something to use the TP with only one job or with several?

is working on infinity?

This is a fantastic script thank you for making it and updating it. I saw some time ago you were going to look into adding an option for choosing if a TP would allow vehicles or not and an integrated option for one way TP.

While I think the option to choose if a ped or vehicle could be TP is a great addition I was more interested in the one way TP, is that something that needs to be coded in or could something be changed in the line for the TP?

hello, it is possible to make teleportation only in exit. example from point A to point B and not the other way around? tnx

Would you consider support for ace perms so like a system where you can set certain blips to require a player to be added to an ace perm in order to use it

Could you make it so they freeze in place after teleporting for a second so the area can load

I have had so maany cases were people died after a teleport.

how i can add password or itemkeys ? for use teleport

This is awesome thank you!

Is there a way we can make the teleport blips transparent instead. I just want the little message to pop up instead. Less tacky looking. Plus mine are floating.

This script must be awesome but I currently got a problem I tried to create a teleport but I keep on crashing this is the TP:
{{1118, -3193, -40, 175}, {1086, -2403, 30, 269},{36,237,157}, "Test"},

This script is awesome :slight_smile: i made a whole hub based on this… thanks …but
i want to ask two things if you can make for this
1 Can you make this allow only humans ?
2 Can you make this annoying beep noise when inserting marker, turn off ?
thanks in advance , peace and love !

A few months late, but you just need to move your Z down. That’s all on you, the positioning is a setting you have to change.

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I can not do anything of the noise sadly, however I did just update the script with an easy variable to allow vehicle or not to teleport. It’s a global on / off - Not per teleporter.

when i tp from ouside into an interior the interior doesnt load right some props just dont load

global is fine :slight_smile:

where can i find it in code ?

Is there any potential way to add a screen fade between the tp? I love this mod so much, it just feels very instant.