[RELEASE] Simple Teleporting v2.5 | Multiple Teleports | NEW Color Customization Options!

Honestly completely forgot at this… Woops. I had to buy a brand new harddrive and lost everything just about the day after I said I would start on it. Bad timing for sure. I’ll come back to that idea right now. Shouldn’t be all that hard to implement anyway.

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Oh man, nothing worse than losing a drive. I just dropped my main games drive and smashed my download bandwidth to get it all back :frowning: feels are bad. Great to hear you’re still developing this script. Cheers.

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hey anyway i can set a message when entering and a message when leaving

is there anyway to do it like that the zone would not render so far cause im trying to do moneywash tp and the zone shows so far away?

Great script, I was looking for something just like this and very well explained video also! Worked first time!

awesome resource. btw is there any way to add a password protection for a teleport? or maybe make the teleport to be invinsible on some

You could set it up to use ace permissions or alternatively you could set it up to use es_admin groups/ESX groups depending on what is relevant to you


Here is a little change you should add if your going to let users change the color is to change the ring off sometimes the little message is enough if it’s at a door

These are just a few things I tweaked

    {{1867.42, 3666.11, 32.80, 0}, {1863.09, 3673.94, 33.1, 0},{36,237,157}, "First Teleport", false}, -- Outside the Sheriff's Station - hidden ring
    {{1860.72, 3661.49, 33.00, 0}, {1855.02, 3673.86, 33.3, 0},{255, 157, 0}, "Testing 2nd Teleport", true} -- Outside Sheriff's Station - show ring
if location[4] then
	DrawMarker(1, loc1.x, loc1.y, loc1.z, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1.501, 1.5001, 0.5001, Red, Green, Blue, 200, 0, 0, 0, 0)
	DrawMarker(1, loc2.x, loc2.y, loc2.z, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1.501, 1.5001, 0.5001, Red, Green, Blue, 200, 0, 0, 0, 0)

Also here is the new resource file for it. delete __resource.lua and create the new one as fxmanifest.lua

	Version 2.5.1
	By SimpleX Tweaked By BadKaiPanda[NavaRayUK(Rexzooly)]

fx_version 'bodacious'
game 'gta5'

author 'SimpleX';
description 'Simple teleporting Script';
version '2.5.1';

client_scripts {

This is what I have running on my own private server right now

I have tested this with a car today when updating the script to what I needed it to do and yes it was able to take my car at the time, this might not be the case in the future as I believe it’s down to how the native handle it, but it does work at the moment for car TP, TPing with other people in the car tho, I am not sure, it’s called simple questions like that, test :slight_smile:

how to add delay?

Can you post this to Github? It’s way easier to get updates and add features through PR’s that way.

How to use it for a specific occupation

Is it possible to teleport a car under the map. Ive not had any luck

Why would one want to TP a car under the map would be the serious question here, little to no info tbh.

Hello. Are there opportunities for teleportation to cost money? I would like you to deduct a certain amount from the player’s cash when teleporting there.
If not, how can this be changed to make this possible? Thanks for the answers in advance too!

is there a version that doesn’t require pressing any key?

Hey I was trying to teleport and when I press E that’s what happens , what should I do

{{-1024.66, -2725.21, 20.08, 147.11}, {-1264, -2968.49, -48.49, 147},{36,237,157}, "test"},

when im trying to change the cords nothing happens at the place i set the cords tooooooooooooo

Find DrawMarker and you can change these first value, that is the marker type. Then then you can change the sizes, by the 1.5001

Hey, can anyone help me figure out what’s wrong with my client script? I had two teleports going under the map and after I tried to fix them it stopped working claiming there was an error on line 3 where it was expecting to end. I’m a noob at coding, but I can’t see anything wrong with it. client.lua (7.4 KB)