[Release] Simple outlaw alert (11-04-2017)

how can you make it work if you are using eup peds cause that’s what my server uses

Anyone found a solution for not working silencing of snowballs? Its working for every other weapon.

				  elseif currentWeaponHash == GetHashKey("WEAPON_SNOWBALL") then
				    havesilence = true  

How would i stop certain weapons like the fire extinguisher from setting off a shots fired alert. and when someone with the police job shoots as it sends an alert too

It should still work i have eup peds and it works it sends it to players with a certain job eg. Police

does anyone know how to add alerts for car crashes?

Did you find a solution?

Could you add a blip when a user dies? And if it is possible to erase that blip after a while.

it doesn’t work

i want to make it like this chrome_ZrSMetdPSC

hey whens the next regularlly scheduled update?

How would one add in AmbulanceJob when someone goes down instead of it going to the gcphone it going to an alert?

how to setup so that if ur using EUP the shot spotter will work for that do i just add “eup-stream”, under ped models?