[Release] Simple Hacking Minigame

did you manage to do it? the minigame is working on my vrp server, but the door just dissappear, doesnt open :C

Ok so i want to trigger an event if succes but
its not working

AddEventHandler('CasinoRob:Teleport', function()
	SetEntityCoords(GetPlayerPed(-1), Config.x, Config.y, Config.z)

This is the event

and this is the Function

function mycb(success, timeremaining)
	if success then
		print('Success with '..timeremaining..'s remaining.')

W A S D is not working. What should I do?

I also get this issue.did u manage to find a fix for it.thanks

I get the NUI mhacking/hack.html:lua:127 loading issues when failing the hacks and then when u press button to try again the hack opens then closes again.

Any fix for it.thanks

no as i started making my own gamemode and made my own system

ok fella.

im using the esx_doorlock_mhacking and get the error when hacking doors but dont know if its that script or this script. lol

Actually scrap that.

I literally just fixed it lol thank god

man you know how to make it work with hacker job?

some one is trying to make money of your script: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvHHFLOVJYI

How can I load up the minigame? Do I need to set up my own command?

can anyone help me with looping it with the mhacking:seqstart

Is there anyway i can practice this?

I know the resource is old but can anyone help resolve this issue?

Download link is broken

Hello, the link doesnt work can you update it please? Cheers.

Link for github dosnt work anymore:(

what is this hack called???

The Link to download doesn’t work