[RELEASE] Sharky Accept, a notification accept system with Noty.js

Sharky Accepts!

Hi! I am Sharky, this script is for accept and deny things. (STANDALONE)



How to use?

  1. Download the script via GitHub or Git
    git clone https://github.com/Sharky123-Dev/sharky_accepts.git
  2. Use it, calling the function openMenu
    export['sharky_accepts']:openMenu(trigger, isServer, params, time, text)
  3. If you want you can change the theme in the app.js more themes in NOTY - a dependency-free notification library
  4. You are good to go.
Parameters Use
isServer Put this true if your using a server trigger. (boolean)
trigger Put here your trigger that will be activated when the person presses the Y. (string)
params Put here your Trigger parameters. (string)
time The notification timeout. (int)
text Put here your notifiaction text. (string)

For later

in a few days, I’m going to add a normal notifications api to it, using Noty.js.


You should replace “Download” text by “Github” to get more “click” and you should rework the css. Great job :slight_smile:

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I think so too it’s a great job but css can be better. button and color

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great work

Can we work in a new css and make a push in your github ?

No idea why the example (image) has overflow-x, use justify between (flexbox) property to properly align the buttons, other than that I’d just change the font but hey that’s me

yup no problem

great script

Looks great, i will try the script.