[Release] SexySpeedometer & Tacho ( Dashboard Elements, Skins, Fuel )

is there a way to get this version still?

there is no color data look with openiv in the default.ytd in the stream folder

speedometer.rar (55.6 KB)

Used default Speedometer, updated resolution and colors. In nightmode Speedo color gets a little bit dimmer. Inspired by Infinity G35 dash :slight_smile: Everything works as usual.

does this speedo only work with default automatic transmission? i’m currently using a manual transmission and the speedo doesnt change gears.

Is there any possibilty to show off more than 220Km/H ? and if there is a way how could i do it?

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What would be the process to only have the fuel gauge? I’m not super experienced with scripts

Hey there the default middle skin is not showing the fuel is there a quick fix for this Thanks.

hi im having an issue with it displaying and starting in my server it is listed properly in the server cfg with: start fivem-speedometer, but it does not start and i have to start it manually